Hello and if you aren’t sure by now, my names Anthony Hall and I am the author and founder of this little number I like to call my blog.

I have decided to take up blogging because of my love of auto mechanics, but also because it was suggested to me by a good buddy of mine that owns a tow truck company of his own. He said to me “Anthony, you need to start a business of your own, and a blog or website is a good place to start because it can really show your knowledge of your industry and in turn, make you look like an expert. I mean, who wouldn’t want that, right? I would have been crazy not to listen to him.

So that got a little off topic but not really, since it discusses the primary reason for me starting this blog. And since I am the author of the blog and this post is titled “8 facts about me”, it only seemed necessary. So let us get started, shall we? Here are 8 fun facts about me.

1.) 8 is my lucky number and the reason I chose to make this post include 8 facts. I am quite OCD when it comes to the number 7 and have used it in any situation I felt I needed a little luck in.

2.) I’m 26 years of age and still not married to this day. Many people would say that it’s okay but living where I do makes that seem like a sin or something. Pretty crazy, eh?

3.) I have two older brothers and a two younger sisters. Yep I’m right smack dab in the middle.

4.) When I was 2 years old I apparently started looking at car magazines. My dad was also really into cars so I picked up what he was putting down at an early age. Crazy how I’m still into cars 24 years later, and still going strong.

5.) My favorite car of all time and the one I hope to have in my garage some day is a Porsche 911 Turbo S. Just look at how freaking b-e-a-u-tiful that thing is!


6.) When I was 18, I fell asleep at the wheel after driving home from a party and drove off the high-up edge of the road and crashed my car into a tree. I hit that tree so hard and at just the right angle so that the engine made a hard impact and the car caught on fire about 20 minutes after impact. Oooh, I get the chills just thinking of it. I was pinned in the car for about 10 minutes and thankfully no longer, thanks to the help of the many witnesses that watched me fly off the road. Many people ask me how I didn’t have a hard time getting back into a car again so soon and act like nothing happened, but the truth is that I love cars so much that nothing could keep me away from them. They literally are my life.

7.) I’m also highly allergic to peanut butter and even the smallest amount being around me can send me into a fit. If you ever get the chance to meet me or you just wanna send me a gift, make sure it isn’t peanut butter or anything else with peanuts for that matter. ;D

8.) I just saved 20% by switching insurance agents! Literally just happened as I was writing this post. See. I told you I’m strange 😉 Here’s the cheap car insurance in Alabama that I scored!

And there you have it!

8 of the strangest facts I could come up with off the top of my head at this point in time. I know I sound very strange so far and you may be thinking, “Who the heck is this Anthony guy and why is he qualified to help me?” Well folks, I can’t quite answer that yet because you haven’t had time to read any of my stuff, but I can assure you that what I will be sharing will have you passing it on to your friends.

Sound good?

So until next time, keep cool.

Your new mechanic friend,

Anthony Hall