meHey there internet world, I’m Anthony Hall and I am a professional auto mechanic. I’ve been into restoring and repairing cars ever since I can remember so I thought it would be highly appropriate to talk about what I know on the web. I’m a member of many forums and I see people asking the same types of questions all the time, so I decided to create a helpful place of my own in a detailed attempt to help people.

Here on this blog I will be talking about the basics of auto repair and some of the things I experience on a weekly to monthly basis. I know there are a lot of auto mechanics out there and a lot of them don’t have the best work ethic and/or the right way of doing things, so I want to share what you should look for in a good mechanic. I’m not trying to sound better than anyone else, it just infuriates me to think that these people are doing halfass work and totally don’t care about the expensive automobiles they’re working on.

I want this place to be a safe haven for my fellow car owners and to provide with information they can trust. I even plan on listing some of the easy DIY repairs and routine maintenance tutorials so that people can take these tasks into their own hands if need be.

I hope you enjoy the things I share on this weblog and that you will stay tuned to see how it progresses.

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